We are studied in Maryknoll Fathers' School.we are f.5 student.

Wong Yuen Ling

Cyberfair need team work and we can learn the division of labour through the project. Moreover, escalator is a very common thing. I will not thinking about it if I don't start this project. After this research, I know more about escalator culture in different places. Therefore, I enjoy the project during learning the difference culture.

Hui Mei Yan

I understand more escalator culture in Hong Kong and the other place such as Japan. Also, I needed to interview the foreigners for their comments of the escalator culture. So that, I was braver than before when I talk with foreigners.

Kan Man Yi

During the cyberfair, i have learnt a lot about the escalator culture .There are diffferent style in different country.Some people wiil stand at the right sides and some will stand at the left.The topic is interest.I can know more different country culture in daily life. Also i can learnt more skill of coding and the time with my groupmate.

Yim Cheuk Ki

Although we set the culture of escalator in Hong Kong is the topic for this project, we actually did not know how to explain or compare this habit with other countries. It is a part of our live, it is too normal for us. The video was taken from different places in Hong Kong, but it is difficult to show to the audience that what we want to show. We need to add the subtitles in the video. However, it is a little bit hard for us to use words to express this simple habit. Also, we need to think about that how can make the web page looks more interesting and attractive. How many pages should we make? What should be included? How long should the video be? There were many things we need to decide.
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