From those information , we find that many country also have the escalator culture.There are different style .some country will stand at the right and some of the country will stand at the left sides . There are escalator culture mostly because of the efficiency. 'standing right and walking left' can reduce the waiting time and speed up the flow of people.It can help the people who are in hurry . It is very helpful in busy city ,especial in hong kong . From the survey, Some of the foreigners say that they didn’t heard about the culture before .They didn’t know how the culture work in the beginning .But they used to it very fast.They think the habit is great and very useful . they want it in their own country so they can go more faster than before.

In Hong Kong,'standing right and walking left' became a important rule in people mind .If anyone broke the rule , standing at the left sides, People will become angry and shouted at the one who standing at the left. Whether it is on the peak, people will still leaving the left sides and standing on the right . it will not block the left sides.

However,the idea of 'standing right and walking left' is outdated.In the past, people did the 'standing right and walking left' rule. They thought that it can let the left side of the escalator for those busy guys but there are some problem. For example, 'standing right and walking left' make the right side of the escalator have damage more than the left side of the escalator. Also, it increase the chances of injury when people is walking on the left side.Therefore, the government cancel the 'standing right and walking left' rule. Nowadays, most of the country remind people do not walk on the escalator.
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