The escalator culture in different place...

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, we have the 'standing right and walking left' culture and rule. Everyone of the Hong Kong citizens will follow this rule. The videos in the above are totally show the Hong Kong situation nowadays.

People are very busy on their business in Hong Kong so they have the habit like fight with time. Hong Kong citizens think that every secend of every day is extremely important. In turn, 'standing right and walking left' become common and it is very convenient for them.



Over the years, Beijing and Shanghai were trying to promote the idea of standing right and walking left'on the escalator to the people. In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo , the goverment also focus on "standing right and walking left' .More people standing at the right sides to leave the left sides to people who are in a hurry.It can reduce the walting time and increase the efficiency



In Japan,There are escalator culture too.In different place, Japan has different rules.For example,in tokyo,people will stand at the right sides and walk at the left sides , but in osaka,people will stand at the left sides and walk at the right sides. However ,because of the accident caused by escalator,Japan had changed some rule of using escalator in the July 21, 2015 to August 31 . passengers should hold the handrail and stand still. do not run or walk on the escalator.



In taiwan ,”standing right and walking left” became a habit. Most of the people still standing right and walking left on the escalator even the rule had cancelled. ten years ago , the government was stop promoting “standing right and walking left” and remind people to stand still and hold the handrails.

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