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 In Hong Kong, there is a convenience culture on escalators. That is Hong Kong people will stand on the tight and walk on the left.

Many years ago, in order to speed up the flow of people, the MTR Corporation was promoted "walk on left and stand on right". Unfortunately it was unsuccessful, most of them were still standing on the both sides of escalator. However,people will free the space on the left automatically to let people go more faster. It can reduce the time for waiting to pass the escalator.

Some of the MTR stations in Hong Kong are very busy. There are full of passengers and people who are particularly in a hurry, such as Central, Wan Chai, etc. Although there are many passengers taking the escalator, people will also free the space on the left automatically to speed up the flow. The situation can improve the efficiency of Hong Kong. It is very helpful for Hong Kong.

Nowadays, the MTR Corporation keep promoting "hold the handrail and stand still" because of the safety. Some of the research said that, walking on the escalator will easily cause accidents. So the MTR Corporation remind people to stand still on the escalator even there are many people inside the station.
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